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Connected by Mehendi (Henna)

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

When Sydney came in to see me she had all of her designs mapped and drawn out, almost all of them to size. We have all of them in now and at this point, just need to finish the sleeve by connecting them.

She says, "My vision for my sleeve was an amalgamation of different philosophies that have all impacted my spiritual outlook. Most of the larger, foundational pieces are from pop culture (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Grease, and Dune) with the back anchored by a quote from my husband, plus the seven chakras front and center. I wanted all of these seemingly disparate pieces to be brought together by mehendi (henna) designs. This beautiful web that mimics the way these ideas of good vs evil, togetherness vs individuality, being rooted vs living openly, interplay in my head; I've been thinking about them for a sleeve for ten years.

Working with Victoria on the design and placement has been so natural and easy! I wanted to find an artist that not only understood the vision but was excited to help me make it a reality, since their enthusiasm would be reflected in the final product. I am so grateful for Victoria for helping me execute this project."

Here are some pictures of some of the drawings, outlines, fill with stencil, and very fresh final mehendi connection stages (not complete yet).


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