Welcome! My name is Victoria and as a licensed tattoo artist, I create custom designed tattoos to suit your own personal style. Located in SE Portland, OR, I'm working out of my own studio space called Floating Lotus Tattoo. Please take a look at my work and contact me.

Tribal Style Arms

edwardLike a lot of people I tattoo, Edward has gotten various ink over the years, some of it as a result of a cover up attempt and others at different times in his life. Most of it is loosely tribal in style but not all of it matched very well and he was hoping to have it all pulled together somehow. I suggested that we use some of the forms that he already had in the old tattoos when adding in the new work, to connect everything all up. Also, we decided that he should have half sleeves created so that both arms matched better in coverage. As we fill in the new shapes, I will touch up the old tattoos to make all of the ink on his arms the same value (black, not gray.) Click on the Read more link to get a closer look at the results of our first sessions (outlines.)


ed outline 1

ed outline 2

My Studio

After apprenticing in 2005, getting my license and working in a couple of different tattoo shops, I opened my own private tattoo studio, Floating Lotus Tattoo Studio, in 2010. Thanks to: my family, friends and amazing clients for all of your support. I couldn't have done it without you.

The space is small but cozy, completely private and located in inner SE Portland OR, near OMSI, in the red and gray ActivSpace SE building.

The address is:
833 SE Main #104
Portland OR 97214 USA

HOURS: Tuesday--Sunday,

503 807-7863

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