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"Time for a Cuppa?" for her mom

Originally from Britain, Ruth's mom said that almost any problem could usually be solved with a decent cup of tea and a good chat. So when Ruth needed a memorial tattoo for her mom, she knew exactly what elements to use and just what it should convey. She says, "I approached Victoria to help me with a very special piece. My forearm tattoo was to be a memorial to my mom who passed away about a year ago. I had the idea for a tea pot as a nod to my mom's London upbringing, and I wanted to add a special phase she used so often.

"A friend of mine put pen to paper to create the elements I was looking for, and then I reached out to Victoria to see if she was able to bring it to life. And she did! She listed carefully as I described my mom and what the different elements meant to me.

"I had a scar that I earned in the final days of caring for my mom and it needed to be incorporated within the design, as in essence, it was part of the journey I took with my mom. Victoria masterfully worked the scar within the design so it was not obvious to others, but the flowers over the top of it were a reminder to me of those final peaceful moments with my mom. Now when I look at my forearm I can hear my mom saying "Time for a cuppa?" and I can smile in memory of all the cups of tea over which we solved many a day's problems."

Here are some photos of the drawing, outline and gray shading and very fresh final color stages.


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