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Two Trees

Updated: Apr 3

Originally from South Africa, Kendel is a world traveler, who collects tattoos on most of her travels. Now living in Portland, she came in to see me about covering up an upper back piece with a Baobab and a Jacaranda tree, which I said I would be delighted to do.

She says, "I have wanted to cover up my back tattoo for quite some time; I'd had it for a while and wanted to cover it with something that meant more to me. Victoria's methodical process and instruction was exactly what I was looking for. From the moment we started discussing it, I felt like nothing would make her more happy than to make my dream tattoo become reality. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her space is comforting during the long sessions. As we went through the process, watching her get as excited as I was to see it unfold made the whole process all the more enjoyable for me. Thank you!" 

Here are some photos of the drawing, before, outline, gray shading stages and very fresh color stages.


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