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Burning Man Addition!

Torria is one of my Burner buddies who got a small tattoo of the Man tattooed on her chest when she was down there at the Gerlach Regional (as we call it) one year. She says, "I was camping with Nacho Campo that year and seven of my camp mates and I decided we would get tats while we were Burning-- I know, I know, maybe not the best idea, what with all the dust, etc... but it was fun and now I carry Burning Man with me wherever I go!"

This summer, as we were not able to Burn for another year thanks to COVID-19, she wanted to add something to her chest tat and was thinking to focus on the three Principles that resonated with her the strongest: Radical Self-Expression, Radical Self-Reliance and Radical Inclusion, as drawn by James Wickham. (The images that he created are cool but very detailed and do not work at small sizes for tattoos.) I was thinking that was far too much to put on her chest, so I talked her into putting them on her arm and using flames to unify her chest and new arm piece.

Today we finished her chest piece (see below) and check out the drawing for her arm-- it is gonna be super rad!!


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