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Celtic Ravens

Collaborating with Winter on her tattoos is one of my favorite tattoo things; she's articulate, know what she wants and brings in great concept art, yet allows me to weigh in with my experience, expertise and opinions while giving me great leeway and freedom of expression and creation. She says, "Many years ago I had a Celtic triskele of Ravens done on my back for my wedding. Later I added a tree of life to each arm, one of shadow and one of light. So when I started thinking about tying them all together I knew it needed to be something that had elements of each but also stayed true to my desire to honor my ancestors and spiritual path through my sacred tattoos.

As always ravens are a big part of expressing myself and honoring that in this piece was important to me. Their role as a messenger and truth teller mirror my role in life.

I already knew Victoria was amazing because she had done my three feather tattoo earlier in the year, so when I brought her the idea of putting this all together she was not only enthusiastic, she was essential in helping me rework my ideas into the perfect image.

I am so happy to have worked with her to create this beautiful piece. It is important to me to have a true collaboration when I get a tattoo, and the expertise and artistry she brings is perfection."

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, outline and final stages.


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