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Filigree Swirl Scar Cover Up

Trigger warning: this post talks about breast cancer scar cover up and nipple coloration tattooing. When Martha came in to see me she had already received a couple of smallish tattoos in various places on her body, but she had something else in mind for her next ones. She says,"After nearly two years of difficult surgeries and treatments for breast cancer, I wanted to do something to make me feel special and beautiful. Not only did I want nipple reconstruction after my mastectomy, but I was hoping for some beautiful artwork that helped cover my scars and made me feel like my unique self again.

"I searched all over for an artist that understood the needs of tattooing on scar tissue and post mastectomy care and was so glad to find Victoria. I came to her with a few ideas, but she truly ran with them and created a piece that made me feel wonderful in my own skin again. She is clearly very experienced with post-surgery tattooing and understands the unique needs of tattooing post-mastectomy. She was always honest in her assessments and ideas, was considerate and attentive to my feelings, and made me feel so relaxed in her space. Her creativity and artistry gave me a whole new way to see my body.

"Now, every time I look in the mirror, I have something joyful to smile at, rather than a reminder of the difficult road to recovery. Her stunning artwork and professional kindness made me feel rejuvenated!"

Here are some photos of the plan and drawing, before, nipple coloration and very fresh final stages.


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