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Gaia (The Empress)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Michelle is a good friend of one of my long time clients, Deborah. She's visited to support Deborah while she's gotten work but now it's time for Michelle to come in for her own tattoo project. She says, "My life as I knew it, as I believed it to be, blew up in January of 2011. Since then daily life is all about balance. And along my spiritual journey I discovered Tarot. One deck that speaks to me is Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

"In exploring the deck and companion book I immediately was taken with Major Arcana 3 - Gaia (The Empress in Rider-Waite). In Chrysalis Tarot this card represents the Earth Mother and balance--the interconnection of all of the forces of earth and spirit that keeps our existence in balance. "I knew immediately that Gaia would be my next tattoo. I went to Victoria with the cards and book and we discussed placement and size. Victoria took Holly Sierra’s art and made it 'tattooable.' She re-arranged the flora and fauna such that the elements are easily seen and the seasonal balance of the original is maintained. "As of this writing the outline is done. We meet again in a few weeks for shading; the color a few weeks after that. I am honored and pleased to wear this ink. I do look forward to the final portrait. The upper arm placement allows me to see the work directly or reflected and acts as a reminder that I am indeed part of something greater than myself. Thank you Victoria!"

Here are some pictures of the drawing, the outline, gray shading and final color stages.


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