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It's About Transformation

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

When Marriah first came to see me, she had a really old chest tattoo that she wanted to know if I could cover. She had a general idea of the imagery she'd like to use but was open to my suggestions. We settled on a Phoenix (such a cool concept) and when she came up for her drawing check and pump white session, she was happy with the design I created. But as she thought about it, she wondered if maybe I could cover another old tattoo she had on her back (that I didn't know about.)

She says, "I had been contemplating getting my thirty three year old tribal chest tattoo covered for quite a while. In the last eight years I have consulted with local artists in Corvallis and even paid a deposit once, but I was never comfortable enough to move forward. This time around I decided to look outside of Corvallis. I conducted hours of research and reviewed web sites for multiple artists around Oregon. After reading through Victoria’s website I was extremely impressed. The information she provided was so thorough that after reading through it I only had one question; when is your first available appointment?

"She provided detailed information about herself as an artist and her experience. She explains very clearly what her processes are and what her expectations of me, as a client, are. Outside of establishing that she had the experience and knowledge I was searching for, I truly felt like I knew her already and through those feelings I determined that Victoria was a professional, straight forward, no nonsense person and that I would really appreciate her work style and ethic. After actually working with Victoria, I can now confirm that all of my feelings and assumptions were absolutely correct. "After my first consultation I was so thrilled that I began to contemplate having a second tribal tattoo on my back covered also. I was concerned that Victoria might be annoyed with me for changing my mind after she had already completed the design for my chest. To my delight, she quickly became as excited as I was for expanding our project together. "I gave Victoria a few personal requests for the design and then gave her creative freedom and I am thrilled with the final results. This new (one of a kind) tattoo project is not just a simple cover up request. It represents my entire being and my aspirations of mental and physical wellness. Victoria has been and will continue to be a crucial part of this amazing journey I am on. I drive four hours round trip to see her and if she moved her studio, I would drive eight hours to see her. In addition to Victoria’s fantastic tattooing abilities and her amazing work ethic, she is a rad chick! Even though I know our sessions together will be painful, I look forward to hanging out and having great intellectual conversations. I am extremely thankful that I found Victoria/Floating Lotus Tattoo and I cannot wait to see the finished product." Here are some pictures of the before, drawing, outline and gray shading stages, plus the (very fresh) final color stage of her chest piece and the outline, before and after pix of her back piece.


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