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Lil Paws

I'm working with Ajna on a super fun cover up project that takes up her whole back and shoulders/arms (you can sort of see a little bit of it on her left shoulder here.) I've recently heard about a numbing cream called Zensa that supposedly creates a numbing sensation without altering the receptivity of the skin too much (it contains no vaso-constrictors, like older products that made it too easy to damage the skin while tattooing it.) I was eager to try Zensa, because, Science!-- but it's spendy and you need to use a lot of it, so I needed a small project to try it out. Ajna had the prefect thing-- prints of her beloved pet Spot for her lower leg. She says, "Her name was Spot (because I'm a Trekkie through and through). She was my feline familiar for twenty years. I've had this piece planned for over ten years; it is very special to me. I waited so long because it was important to me that I fully resonate with the energy of the artist who would do it. Victoria has been working on an amazing cover piece on my back and shoulders, but I'm taking a break since it is summer time and I want to be able to be out in the sun. Meanwhile, she did this for me and I couldn't be more pleased! I wanted it to be natural, to match the prints I actually took from Spot's own paws. Victoria gave me exactly what I wanted."

Here are some pictures of her drawing, outline and final piece.


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