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Lovely Lotuses

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

I recently met two wonderful women who are medical practitioners, whose names start with a "D". As far as I know, they are not acquainted with each other but their projects are remarkably similar. They both have lower back tattoos they were looking to cover up. They both chose lotuses as the main imagery. And they both let me have creative control, which always makes for fantastic tattoos, especially cover ups.

This is Danielle. Her cover up is limited to her lower back, but it turned out beautifully. She says, "The three lotus flower tattoo with paisley and some Hindi design attributes was exactly what I was looking for to cover up my Christian fish on my lower back. The fish was my first ever tattoo when I was twenty years old and it was designed by my then husband. As we have been divorced for over thirteen years now, it was time to cover it up and do something for me!

"The three sessions we did together were amazing. It was relaxing and fun, all while getting a tattoo! I had forgotten how they felt and Victoria was great and more than accommodating when I needed a brief break. With a total of six hours together, it was a pleasure to get to know Victoria and have an enjoyable experience with her in her shop! I look forward to my next tattoo with Victoria!"

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, outline and gray shading stages, plus the (very fresh) final color.


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