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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Darryl and I created a lovely Chameleon piece for his left calf when he came up to Portland over the 2019-2020 holidays. He had me alter my original design, but I keep my drawings and told him that if he ever changed his mind, I could add them back in-- no problem. Also, that he might think about eventually balancing out his lower legs with another piece on his right calf. This year we created that tattoo for him and I think both of his calf pieces work very nicely together.

He says, "I met Victoria at Burning Man during a period when I was considering my seventh tattoo. Having spent some quality time with her, I knew she’d be the artist. "My other tattoos represented aspects or stages of my life and she nurtured the concept. It was several months before I could make it to Portland but the results were worth the wait. For some reason I had Victoria scale back her original design, which had flowers. As I’ve come to realize, she was ahead of my development. "It took less than a year for my personal crazy to kick in, deeming me out of balance with one bare calf and the other so representative. At the same time in life, I really began to blossom. You guessed it, the Chameleon was screaming ‘incomplete’. How better than to insert the flowers Victoria knew were needed? "Thank goodness she’s an artist capable of providing quality feedback. The first reference pictures I sent apparently didn’t flow well, but the second round gave her something to work with— the result is spectacular. As for the bare calf, fortunately my original design caught the artists scrutiny. I relinquished creativity to her and couldn’t have been more satisfied."

Here are some pictures of the drawings I prepared and shots of the different stages of Darryl's tattoos.


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