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Memento Mori

Another client of mine recommended me to Tauni; she wanted to have a tattoo performed for her on the top of her left forearm-- something very similar, if not exact, in placement and design to a particular image she showed me.

She says, "The celtic style flames were worn by my partner of 10 years, who left this life 8 years ago. She was very identified with the element of fire, particularly in her ceramic art of Raku. When she died, she was carrying one of my kidneys, but she left me so much.

"I have always favored the element of water, and her tattoo could be interpreted as either flames or a stream. As I've now reached an age that she never reached, I decided I wanted to wear this image as a sign of acknowledging the many gifts she gave me, particularly her wisdom and strength. And when I look at it on my arm, I feel her love and pride in who I've become."

Here are some pictures of the original, my drawing interpretation of it, the outline and fresh final color stages.


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