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Mother and Daughter Team

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Tracy is one of my former clients who wanted to have a custom tattoo design performed for her daughter Cierra and herself. It was going to be Cierra's first tattoo and they wanted to share the design and the whole process. They knew exactly what they wanted, and brought in print outs, which made my job a lot easier.

She says, "When Cierra was very young, we began this little 'contest' which still occurs to this day. Sometimes multiple times per day. 'I love you, to infinity and beyond!' That’s how it started out. But, in order to be the first one to blurt it out and win the contest, it quickly became 'Finnabon!' "I love dragonflies and the color purple, while lotus flowers and the color teal represent some of Cierra’s favorites."

Here are some pictures of the drawings I prepared and shots of the different stages of their tats on Tracy's arm.


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