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Pacific NW Botanicals

When Sara came in to see me, she had a very dark tattoo of the Eiffel Tower on her inner right arm (see the Before picture below). It had been an impulse and seemed like a good idea at the time when she was younger. But she was tired of explaining that she wasn't French, didn't speak French, had not been up and down the Eiffel Tower a hundred times, didn't get married there, etc.

Also, her Eiffel Tower had a faint "bruise" of blow out around it, due to it's position so close to her armpit, and the heavy hand of the artist who performed it for her. She was wondering if we couldn't tattoo some of her favorite plants from the Pacific Northwest over her Tower and brought in printouts of a couple of botanical style tattoo examples that she liked.

Here are some pictures of her drawing, the before, outline and gray shading stages. (We still need to finish her color to make the cover up complete.)


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