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Phoenix Addition

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Bobby came in to see me about doing something for his left arm, which had several important pieces on it already-- most for his beloved family members-- which he wanted to keep. He wanted to unite the sleeve somehow but he didn't have too much "free real estate" (as we say) left over to put new imagery in, unless we covered up the first tattoo he ever got-- the scorpion on the outside of his arm. He wasn't adverse to covering it up, so we decided to put a dark lotus over it, with a Phoenix behind, connecting the upper arm, with it's tail feathers flowing down his forearm. I suggested we use gray work "smoke" imagery to unite the whole sleeve and create a bridge between the new ink and old tattoos. He says, "Victoria was the only artist to call me back on my tattoo project, and she did it so quickly! I first went in for the consult, gave her my idea, and she turned it into something a bit different, but much more! I really like that the studio she works out of is so clean, private, and easy to find. She has put a lot of time into this project, and it is turning out great. Can’t wait to see the outcome!"

Here are some pictures of the drawing, outline, before and after stages.


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