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Succulent Succulents!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Kendra came in to see me about covering up an old tattoo of an oak tree that she had on her left arm. She says, "I spent years disliking this tattoo, but was never able to find someone who was willing and able to try covering it, until I met Victoria. After reading her approach for cover-ups on her website and seeing images of the cover-up projects she has worked on, I finally had some hope that I could have a tattoo I loved take the place of the tree.

I recently decided to go back to school for nursing after spending the last 15 years teaching English. I wanted a tattoo that would represent my newly rekindled love of science. I wanted a succulent garden on my arm and was also interested in incorporating some Fibonacci-inspired spiral designs. The succulents and their bright colors remind me of growing up in the Southwest desert; I appreciate how resilient, unique and exquisitely beautiful they are. Victoria took those ideas and images and created exactly what I was looking for. She even suggested adding in some swirly lines around the edge of the tattoo to match a piece I have on my other arm, providing some continuity."

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, outline, gray shading and final color stages.


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