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Thunderbird Magic

Updated: May 31, 2022

This is the lovely Stacy, whom I met last year; she asked for my business card and after I gave it to her, per the usual, I never expected to hear from her again (in the Before Times, I used to go through tons of cards, lol.) So I was delighted when she contacted me to work with on her latest tattoo project; we are working on a cover up for her back piece. She says, "The initial tattoo was done 30 years ago as a nod to my Native American heritage, and also a desire to have a bird on my shoulder watching over me. Since then, variations of the image have been utilized by extremist political groups of which I oppose. It's made me very self-conscious about my tattoo, having it been seen, and what people may wrongly assume of me when they see it.

I'm so grateful to get this cover-up work done. I feel like I am reclaiming my body, and the art on my body is in alignment with my values. I am excited for my body to be seen, and am not feeling shy about wearing tank tops, bathing suits, etc. where others will see this tattoo. I hope the bird in flight brings a sense of joy, liberation, and empowerment to those who see it."

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, outline, gray shading and very fresh final color stages.


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