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Tying it all Together

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Michelle had collected a lot of tattoos, but when she came in to see me for the first time, the ones on her back were unfinished and fighting in style. They represent her heritage (her mum is from New Zealand), hense the Tikis; there was an unfinished Hermit crab, plus there was also an unsuccessful cover up in the mix, that had created a scarring in the middle of her back. Her piece had good bones, it was eighty percent complete, but just needed some help to become completely realized.

So we fixed the Tikis and rose cover up right away, added more vines to the top, plus ferns and waves to unite the bottom part. Now we're working on adding color to the whole thing to create a lovely finished back piece (see the drawing-- I took a photo of her back, printed it out and drew on it-- the first photo).

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, and color process stages.


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