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Water Lilies, Peacock, Cherry Blossoms!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

D'Leene is the second woman who works in healthcare and whose name starts with a "D" that came in to see me in the same month about a tattoo project. She had an old tattoo on her lower back, plus some scars on her side that she was interested in camouflaging with a tattoo.

She says, "I have wanted this tattoo for thirteen years now, although originally I wasn’t planning on doing a cover up. The water lilies are for all three of my sons who were born in July and that is their birth flower. My first two sons died at birth one year apart. With my first son I was thirty nine weeks pregnant and the passenger in a car accident where we were hit by a cement truck on my side of the car. I have scaring along my side from the glass and impact, so the tattoo placement was to help me with seeing my scars differently. "The peacock and cherry blossoms hold many symbolistic meanings, including fertility, rebirth, strength, etc. I wanted to have something that captured the journey I have been on and the future that I am building with my husband and son. "The lower back part of my new tattoo is to cover up an old tattoo that reminds me of my past. I have grown and I want to move forward, letting it all go with the new year. Victoria captured the heart of my tattoo’s message for myself and it is beautiful. It is more than I imagined and I’m so grateful."

Here are some pictures of the drawing (gray shading stage), outline, very fresh gray shading and final color stages.


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