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Web of Life

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Bobbie is another one of my Burning Man friends and we are working on this fun upper back piece for her.

She says, "The Flower of Life is an addition to the spider figure I’ve had for nearly two decades. I’ve held a great affection for spiders for as long as I can remember, feeling kindred in spirit, as we both must create in order to truly live. Being truly fascinated by spiders, both as form and folklore, I eventually happened upon the Hopi story of Grandma Spider, who wove the universe, and each of us, into existence. I found the Flower of Life to be a fitting 'web', being the symbol representing the cycle of creation, the blueprint for all life. "This piece is still a work in progress and I look forward to my next session with Victoria to bring it even more to life!"

Here are some pictures of the drawing, before, fresh outline and very fresh final gray work piece.


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