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Dharma tattoos

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

A long time dharma/meditation practitioner who's explored many schools of Buddhism, James had a couple of tattoos before we met, but he decided to really up his game and have me perform two full color sleeves for him, mostly based on imagery from an incredible Buddhist meditation box/throne he owns and uses every day.

We are currently working on his left arm, which features a Tibetan Peacock holding a Phurba, grounded by a Lotus bracelet. His right arm will feature a Dragon with Double Dorje and skull bracelet.

I intend to design/create them so that the two creatures will be looking at each other and interacting, having a conversation across his body, as it were.

Here are some photos of the drawing for the Tibetan Peacock, outlines and very fresh gray shading stages.


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